Complete Destruction of a Sunflower!

Well, one of our sunflowers is playing trap crop to a host of caterpillars. It looks like the mother butterfly layed all her eggs in one basket, as it were. We haven’t found any caterpillars on the surrounding plants except one. 

I noticed the leaves of the sunflower had all turned brown, and upon closer inspection found the following. The question is, to let them continue as is, or uproot the stalk? On the one hand, since they seem so happy there, perhaps they will leave the other plants alone. On the other hand, the destruction is so complete, could this affect the other plants in our garden?

What do YOU think?


Unaffected Sunflower just 2 feet away

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Complete Destruction of a Sunflower!

4 thoughts on “Complete Destruction of a Sunflower!

  1. Hmmm, they sure look like they are enjoying that one plant, but what happens when it is all gone? Will they cocoon before they need to eat more? That might be something to consider. That is quite an infestation and if you don't mind the ugly plant keep them but consider what I mentioned above. I am sure you have thought of that already.

  2. BL: My thoughts exactly! They don't look like they are done eating… I will check other plants tomorrow. If it looks bad, they're gone… I wonder what butterfly laid these?Thanks!

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