Organic, non-pesticide solution for fruit flies

Ahhhh summer – excess tomatoes and empty beer bottles….

So, does all that summer produce, citrus, and tomatoes got your kitchen overflowing with fruit flies? Have a few glass bottles laying around?

We call this the Redneck Fruit Fly Hotel. They check in, but they don’t, well… you know…

Here’s a pic:

Not just another Corona commercial
Not just another Corona commercial

What you will need:

  • A bottle with a skinny neck
  • Fruit Scraps
  • Paper
  • Wooden spoon
  • Scissors
  • Fruit Flies

Before you begin, you must rid your kitchen of all of your fruit. That means emptying your compost and/or garbage can as well… We did this after dinner, after we had cleaned up dishes and counters. We tossed all tomatoes with open sores into the compost and placed our fresh garden tomatoes in a room far away from the kitchen (you do NOT refrigerate fresh tomatoes). We put the apples in the refrigerator. The idea is, you want the ONLY attraction to fruit to be at the bottom of your bottle…

Cut the fruit into pieces that will fit into bottle without getting the mouth slimy. If you do slime it, wipe it off with water so that the flies do not congregate just at the lip – you want them to smell the rotting goodness at the bottom of the bottle. One slice of a tomato is enough.

Roll a piece of paper into a funnel shape. Slip the skinny end down the bottle so that it gets below the neck of the bottle. Stick the handle end of a wooden spoon down the bottle to get the paper to open up as well as seal the outside. Cut off excess paper at the top so that it is 1/2″ or so above the mouth of the bottle. Make sure it is all the way open at the top.

Leave the bottle on the counter where you have been having the problem.

We placed our bottles in the early evening, and by 2:00 p.m. the following day they were full, with maybe only 2 fruit flies in the kitchen who were smart enough not to check in…

What to do when your hotel is full? We’ll leave that to your imagination…

Anyway, this worked for US!


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Organic, non-pesticide solution for fruit flies

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