From Oops to Oh My Goodness

It is that time of year again – baking bread. My husband, Ken, is the main chef in our family, and he loves to bake. Yesterday he baked 5 loaves of German Rye Bread.

There’s nothing like the smell of baking bread in the cool evening; however, we had a small problem. Actually it was a large problem, and getting larger all the time… As the final 3 loaves were rising on the counter, we were reminded of 1958 American horror film “The Blob.” 

thanks wikipedia!

R U N !

Unfortunately, by the time the bread was done – it was not done in the middle. So we left it in the warm oven overnight, hoping it would finally finish up! 

The morning came, but too bad so sad – the bread just would not be done. Chalk it up to learning experience? Was the yeast too old? Who knows, but Ken thought he would just throw it out. Ummm….. not so fast bud! 

The loaves were rather flattened out, so I sliced one down the middle length-wise and threw it in the toaster oven, doughy side up on a slow broil for half an hour. It cooked up quite nicely and the gooiness was gone. 

I then drizzled olive oil on it, freshly chopped garlic, some dried rosemary and a light sprinkling of feta cheese. I sliced one of our garden tomatoes thinly, and ground some sea salt on top of the slices. I sprinkled a little balsamic vinegar on the tomatoes too. I laid the tomatoes on the bread, then some chopped fresh organic basil, finishing with a handful of feta. I slid that back in the toaster oven to heat it up…

Ok, I am drooling again just writing about this!

What resulted from our “Oops” was some “Oh My Goodness”  lunch!

Prep time took less than 5 minutes. Super easy delicious meal!


From Oops to Oh My Goodness

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