The Joy of Grandchildren in the Garden

“For you, Grandpa”

The joy of watching my grandson explore the garden is beyond explanation. When he was less than two years old, we would walk around the yard together, and by year-end he could identify the different plants. “Day are comeen up! Da Beans!” he would say. 

Raygano… Basil…

It takes me back to when I received my first gardening excitement at his age, following my father around our organic garden in Marin County. We moved every year or two until I was twelve, and I could swear he moved the whole garden with us, because there it would be again, at the new place!

My dad’s garden in 2010

My father is still gardening and sells his delicious produce at the Mt. Shasta Farmer’s Market. 

When he comes to visit us in San Diego, we know we are going to get something! Last week, it was pears from his tree & fresh baked sourdough bread. Before that, freezer loganberry jam. Always something new, organic, and delicious.

The necessity of children learning their connection to the dirt at an early age cannot be overemphasized! It will last a lifetime and will span generations of earth lovers! 

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures of my Grandson Micah in our garden:

Our first corn harvest. Micah likes his sweet corn raw.

Take THAT Farmville!

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The Joy of Grandchildren in the Garden

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