Creative Seed Starting and Cuttings Containers

This year more than ever I am finding so many cheap and earth-friendly ways to start my seeds. Giving credit where credit is due, I get a lot of daily inspiration from Life on the Balcony.

Nothing that might be used as a container is getting thrown away in our house (husband sighs).

Our hen and chicks have gone crazy this year. I am planning on moving and separating a lot of the bigger plants. Here, I have used water bottle bottoms to root the baby succulents. I can sell them, or give them as living gifts! 

Using a wooden box top, I have created a pretty little tabletop succulent display.

And, my personal favorite: 

My Keurig Newman’s Organics K-Cups as seed starters! I have hated throwing those away, and have actually been cleaning and reusing them. Now they have a great new use!

Because they are shallow, I am beginning with some veggies that I plan on transplanting soon. I don’t even rinse the cups out, as I know the extra coffee grounds will nourish the starts. There’s a little pocket inside the cup that allows for excellent drainage, plus the little hole in the bottom that the machine puts there.

I am also drilling holes in old cups and vases I don’t want.  Yes, Micah, your little plastic tumbler has been repurposed for a more useful life.

Baby dill

I hope you are inspired to use what’s around your house as planting containers and seed starters… 

Your turn: What’s the most creative container you have made?

Creative Seed Starting and Cuttings Containers

2 thoughts on “Creative Seed Starting and Cuttings Containers

  1. Hi, I'm not sure how I found you but I like your blog. :) I have made yogurt and cottage cheese, which was fun, and I also use all types of containers for starting seeds and plants. I found that yogurt containers were the perfect size, but also used egg cartons a lot to start things I would transplant early. I'm on facebook; are you? Sherry Crossley

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