Getting More Greens Into My Diet


After watching Dr. Terry Wahls’ 17-minute “Minding Your Mitochondria” video earlier this year, our household went into a huge transition in the way we eat. Mind you, this has been a slooooow process. I cannot deny there have been enormous challenges.

One of these challenges has been how to get more greens into our diet. Dr. Wahls recommends 9 cups per day of different greens, and shows what that amount would be in her video. But if you are like me, unless it is a salad at lunch and another at dinner, with a lot of steamed greens too, how were we going to be able to eat that many greens in the course of a day?

I had seen some references to breakfast foods that incorporate a significant amount of greens. But the best I could seem to do, just a couple of days per week, was to put some spinach into an omelette.

That was not going to cut it!

Pre-Wahls, my breakfast consisted of two pieces of toast with some butter and a cup of coffee. Of late it has been organic, grass-fed whole milk yogurt, a tablespoon of organic chia seeds, berries or fruit of some kind, a teaspoon of honey – local and raw of course. I usually add a teaspoon of organic flax pumpkin granola for a bit of crunchy goodness…

One day I imagined putting chopped spinach in my breakfast yogurt. I sat on that for about a week, mulling it over in my mind. It just sounded too weird. Then, one morning I decided to try it. It was only about a half a cup the first time, and I chopped it up pretty fine. I seriously could not taste anything bad or wrong or weird! It was good. And I felt good afterwards.

I have since been putting a lot of spinach in my yogurt. I worked up to it. Now, I am completely satisfied with putting the spinach in my bowl first, and the rest of the ingredients on top. I will sometimes put two cups of greens in my bowl.

So, now, rather than having breakfast yogurt with a handful of spinach, I call it Spinach Breakfast Salad. The “dressing” is my yogurt and honey, and the “toppings” are my fruit, granola, chia seeds.

How do YOU incorporate more greens in your diet?

This has been a Real Food Wednesdays production!


Getting More Greens Into My Diet

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