The Only Flu Preparedness Article You May Ever Need

That’s a confident blog post title, isn’t it? But this information provided by Biodynamic Wellness in Solana Beach, California covers just about everything you need to know about fighting the flu, preventing the flu, and boosting your immune system to battle not only influenza, but other immune system attackers as well – all through ‘Real Foods and Nutritional Therapy.’

Flu Shots? This article will not promote flu shots. I will not even address flu shots in this post.

If you are looking for natural treatment, click here.

Sometimes called the “New Moon Tonic”

There is so much great information on the Internet right now about fighting the flu and avoiding it. All my favorite “Real Food” people & blogs have awesome advice and remedies. Personally, however, I find it a bit overwhelming at times. It can be difficult to find one resource on any topic that has “it all.” I chose this one.

Here is the introduction:

The flu season is here but there is no reason to panic. There is much you can do to protect yourself and your family while avoiding the potential toxicity and risks of flu vaccines.Your own strong immune system is your best ally and defense in the face of a flu epidemic. The following are recommendations for maintaining a strong defense:

The first areas of defense are:

  • Sleep- Get plenty of it. Try to get to bed by 9 or 10 pm
  • Avoid Sugar & Preocessed Foods – These decrease the function of your immune system almost immediately after ingestion
  • Excercise – Daily. It relieves stress & increases the cirulation of your lymphatice system
  • Speaking of stress – Manage it! Overwhelming Stress weakens you body’s ability to fight of the flu and other illness
  • Water – This was interesting to me – Drink (at least)  half your body weight converted into ounces.
  • Homemade bone broths – you can learn how to make them in Nourishing Traditions – by Sally Fallon

Download the complete 6 page Flu Support PDF

You may find, like me, that it is the only flu preparedness article you may ever need.

More about the Biodynamic Wellness Center:

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I subscribe to Biodynamic Wellness’ Email newsletter which is free. Their emails are not intrusive, and are chock full of helpful articles and free seminar information if you are in the San Diego area. The top article in today’s newsletter is about Flu Preparedness.

I am not affiliated with Biodynamic Wellness. But I love them. They follow the Weston A. Price methodology of food as medicine and other sound nutritional education. They are your San Diego Resource and Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Their tagline says it all – “Optimal Health through Real Foods and Nutritional Therapy.”

Please comment on this post and include other not-to-miss flu articles you’ve found :) -Anya

The Only Flu Preparedness Article You May Ever Need

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