Accidental Trap Crops

Do you use trap crops?

I am a casual gardener and don’t plan to trap crop seriously, but I will leave some ¬†aphid infested plants alone if they seem happy to stay there!

Our kale is done but the aphids love it so much I am leaving them alone.

The ladybugs don’t mind, along with the lacewings and other aphid hunters! I want to make them feel happy here in my yard.

I got these ladybug shots the other day…

20130511_113650 20130511_113801 20130511_113804 20130511_113945

At the end, she just rested there, cleaning herself. What a banquet!

Peace, love, and ladybugs!

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Accidental Trap Crops

Have you ever seen Ladybug Larvae devour aphids?

Spring has sprung in San Diego, and with the recent rains, everything is growing like crazy. Weeds, plants, and bugs! 

We use organic methods for pest control and have purchased a couple of ladybug colonies over the last 2 years. I have tried time and time again to move a ladybug to an aphid infested plant to see her happily and gratefully feast on the buffet prepared for her. However, she has always refused to take her meal at my beckoning, and usually flies away, quite irritated with me at that.

Until now, my goal of getting some photos of a ladybug in the act of eating aphids has failed. But wait!

On March 21, 2010, I was passing by my little flower rock garden in the front yard, and I spied a couple of ladybug larvae on my mini rose bush. When I bent down to take a look, why, here they were feasting on a group of aphids that had literally covered a rose bud until you could not recognize it!

Over the course of the next four hours, the group of three larvae devoured every single aphid from the plant.

Have you ever seen Ladybug Larvae devour aphids?