Tired of Cilantro Going Bad?


The cilantro you are looking at was purchased 9 days ago. Finally I have found a way to store cilantro without it getting slimy in the refrigerator. It’s simple. Put 3 or 4 inches of water in a container. Seen here is a one gallon pitcher. Rinse the bottoms of your cilantro bunches. Originally I was able to put four large bunches of cilantro in this container. Cover loosely with a plastic bag and store in your refrigerator. Every few days change the water and rinse the bottoms. That’s it! If you are excited about this or you try it and it works for you, please send me a message. Enjoy.

Tired of Cilantro Going Bad?

Gardening with Kids – Guest Post by Stacy Tornio

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Stacy Tornio, author of the new book PROJECT GARDEN, offers this guest post about gardening with kids. For more great ideas to do with kids outside, look for Stacy鈥檚 book on Amazon. 

Or enter to win a copy here.  (http://www.stacygrows.com/win-a-copy-of-project-garden/

When kids take ownership of their garden, it鈥檚 a beautiful thing. I鈥檓 a big advocate of letting kids pick out their own plants, giving them their own space or just make decisions about their garden in general. It鈥檚 just like cooking鈥攊f you let kids make it, they鈥檙e more likely to eat it. And it鈥檚 the same for gardening. If you involve kids in the early process, they鈥檙e more likely to take care of it long-term.

One of my favorite ways to do this is by picking out fun plants. You can do this with family names鈥攎y daughter Annabelle loves Annabelle鈥檚 hydrangea. And we are planning to plant Jack in the Pulpit this year for my son, Jack. Another way to create a fun garden is to choose themed plants. For instance, an all white garden, a daisy garden or one of our favorites鈥攁n animal garden.

My first book, a picture book, is about animal plants ( Cathy’s Animal Garden ). So I wanted to take a minute to give you a few more plants to try with animal names. I hope you have fun with this. Create your own unique space, and let the kids pick them out!

Animal Plants

      Butterfly weed
      Tiger lily
      Elephant ear
      Hens and chicks
      Leopard鈥檚 bane
      Lambs鈥 ear
      Bee balm
      Spider flower
      Cardinal flower
      Monkey grass
      Snake鈥檚 head fritillary
      Butterfly bush
      Dragon鈥檚 bloom sedum

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Gardening with Kids – Guest Post by Stacy Tornio

LOL DIY Dehydrator

If you Google “diy dehydrator” you will find some great ideas – some pretty easy, and others, well, complicated. The idea is that electric dehydrators zap nutrients and taste. I have never owned an electric dehydrator; neither have I done thorough research about the pros and cons of one. However, I do celebrate the art of diy resourcefulness and get a huge kick out of simple, low cost ideas that work – especially from items you already have in and around your home.

I present to you my latest product ;)

{Deep ‘Commercial Man’ voice} The Redneck Dehydrator!

LOL Dehydrator

Today is the first day – I will let you know how it works after the peppers dry.

What you’ll need:

  • Box fan
  • Cooling racks
  • Clamps

Of course, you’ll need to avoid juicy fruit, i.e. tomatoes, because the clamps will squish them and make a big mess… 

What do you think? Do think this will work? Or is it an epic fail? Your comments welcome…


LOL DIY Dehydrator

Organic fruit fly solution

Check out this Organic, non-pesticide solution for fruit flies from our WordPress Blog…

Organic fruit fly solution

A Terrific Tabletop Garden

A Terrific Tabletop Garden

Hey all of you San Diego gardeners with back trouble! You, too, can still garden with this great idea from Mother Earth News.
Even if you do not have back pain, this idea is worth considering for anyone who does not have plentiful ground space to work with.
Don’t have an old workbench? Check out Craigslist for old throwaway items!
A Terrific Tabletop Garden