No-Mess Kitchen Compost Container – The Scrap Can!

I finally found the best kitchen compost container for our family. I won’t say it is 100% “no-mess,” but there’s no comparison to any counter-top containers we have used in the past five years.

We had purchased a regular size step-to-open kitchen garbage can. It came with a mini-can of the same design. We couldn’t find a use for it. It was about that same time that we were – yet again – frustrated by our kitchen compost regime…

So… Ta-da! Here it is, the unveiling of our new kitchen compost can!

Kitchen compost container - no mess
Best kitchen compost solution for our family – The Scrap Can

Maybe you will relate to why this works so well for us:

  • It is a pain to take the lid off a counter-top container, especially when your hands are most likely pretty grimy. With the can, you just step and toss. I cannot tell you how much more willing my family (ahem…. husband) is willing to put their scraps in the can. This also means I don’t have to dig the veggie scraps out of the regular trash!
  • Kitchen compost containers never hold enough for the volume of scraps we produce in a typical day. I only need to dump our kitchen compost every third day or so.
  • You can line the interior of the can with a biodegradable plastic bag for even less mess. A caveat here is that the longer the compost sits in the bag, the more likely the bag will leak. It happens. Still, LESS mess.
  • When you are ready to take the scraps outside to your compost bin, just lift the interior container out.
  • Counter-top real estate!
  • Less stink!

So far there is only one messy downside: If you over-fill, the inside of the lid to the scrap can will get icky.

Finally, I don’t need to turn into the photo below anymore as cooperation has improved 100%

Thanks to Occupy Food for the photo:
Thanks to Occupy Food for the photo

Peace, love, and veggies!


No-Mess Kitchen Compost Container – The Scrap Can!

Tomatoes Are In, Mulch Is Down!

Our tomatoes are in and we have laid the mulch down. 

It looks SO pretty! 

By the way, the best place to get organic compost/mulch in San Diego is at City Farmers Nursery


Beefsteak – planted about a foot down

Another Beefsteak

Heirloom, Brandywine with Garlic

Heirloom, Brandywine with Garlic


Tomatoes Are In, Mulch Is Down!