Piddling Around the Yard

Well, it is the end of October 2011. Somehow when I reach this point in the year, I feel like the year is over. 2012 feels like tomorrow.

I spent a little time this morning piddling around and pondering. Piddling is one of my favorite hobbies. Walking around snapping pictures with my mobile phone, I realized there is lots to look forward to for the next two months. There are plenty of projects that I can do. Note to self: “Quit trying to hurry up the end of year!”

While the East Coast is being barraged by freak snow storm, here in San Diego it is truly “Sunny California.” The sun was shining on my hen and chicks. This reminded me how much I need and want to separate them and pot the starts to give away…

Hen and chicks. Background: Yarrow, Jalape├▒o

Directly below the hen and chicks is where I planted garlic (first time) a couple of weeks ago. I have been staring at the plot for days, willing the shoots through the topsoil… This morning – woo hoo! Hello garlic :) I love the feeling of new life emerging…


Bzzz… Directly behind me were the bees still working the lavender. I love them so much! Trigger happy this morning, I snapped this photo:

Hello Bee :)

My husband had made us breakfast, so we went to the back yard to sit and eat. Our kitty was so happy we were outside. She was running around, terrorizing everything. Then she ran around the east side yard and disappeared into the huge, blooming cosmos patch. This is where we placed a piece of driftwood we found in the ocean off the San Diego coastline and decided to integrate it into our rough path. I wondered how the “jungle” looked to kitty:

Casey must have so much fun exploring!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the piddling as much as I did! Have a great week everyone!

Piddling Around the Yard

Watermelons In September?

I admit it.

Late July was NOT the time to buy watermelon starts at the local nursery and think I could actually get results this growing season… 

But I WANT watermelons. I had almost given up, until this morning:

Our September watermelons. Notice the one on the right climbing the air conditioner…

YES! There may be a juicy melon yet! 

Hopefully we will have a few more weeks of warm weather to mature them.

Repeat after me: I will plant watermelons early next year, I will plant watermelons early next year…”

Watermelons In September?