Join us on our 10-day ORGANIC, NON-GMO Transformation Cleanse!

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Potential Benefits of Colon Cleansing Suggest
* mental clarity
* improved alertness
* weight loss
* improved digestion
* fresh breath
* increased vitality and libido
* positive mental outlook
* clear skin
* feeling lighter
* greater happiness
* increased energy

* Organic GMO-Free Purium Products – a proven weight loss program (and cheaper per pound than Weight Watchers / Jenny Craig)
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This program replaces your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 10 days.

Watch a few short educational videos

Tremendous value!

Since you will be replacing your meals for 10 days, you must factor into the cost that you are not going to be buying your normal groceries!


Read more about it and order your Cleanse Kit 


Not a 30-day, but a 60-DAY money back guarantee! 

We are using the 10-day cleanse found here:

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Join us on our 10-day ORGANIC, NON-GMO Transformation Cleanse!

Got Kale? What to do before it goes bad…

When our local community got its own farmer’s market last year, it was a “Yippee!” time for me. I would do a happy dance all the way to and fro each Thursday. I think I still do :) I could now regularly feed my green smoothie addiction with dinosaur kale – my favorite. It is great for smoothies and kale chips. A few times, however, I overestimated how much kale our household would actually use that week, and found my kale, which I consider gold, turning an awful shade of yellow… 

A lot of kale can make an expensive addition to your compost pile

Although fresh (and local) kale is best for green smoothies, and offers the most nutrition, I figured that freezing the overabundance before it went bad was better than an expensive addition to the compost pile. So after making some kale chips, I tried a variety of ways to freeze and store the kale.

Kale chips are easy to make and surprisingly delicious!
A little coconut oil (or olive oil) and sea salt is all you need.

First I tried blending the kale in our Vitamix, put it in a jar, then froze it. While it did freeze, getting portions out of the huge frozen mass proved too frustrating to be practical. There is still a jar of frozen kale our freezer. Yeah…

Next, I tried freezing the kale in shot glasses. Again, that proved impractical due to having so many shot glasses in the freezer all over the place. Ice cube trays would be too small and too much work. 

The solution that finally worked is outlined below. We’ve done it twice now. Another “Yippee!” moment and happy dance :)

Blend up your kale. If you have a Vitamix, fill it up with kale – no need to chop it, just stuff it in. Add a little water. I added about a cup of water. Blend on high, using your tamper to push it through the blades. Only blend it enough to liquefy. Small pieces of kale should still be visible.

Pour into cupcake tins, leaving about 1/4 – 1/2 inch at top (The second time I did this, I thought it might be better to use cupcake paper – the photo below shows that. NOT necessary. It made no difference and just created a waste).

Cupcake paper NOT necessary

Put the cupcake tin in your freezer until firm, 30 minutes to an hour.

The trickiest part of this whole process is removing the frozen kale from the tin. We found that placing the tin on a hot stove top for a few seconds loosens the discs enough to get them out easily. Don’t leave it on the stove but for a few seconds, or the kale will liquefy. 

Kale discs
Place the discs into a freezer bag, or better yet, vacuum seal them.I didn’t feel like getting my vacuum sealer out. :P
Put the discs into freezer bags, or use a vacuum sealer
Your kale is now, not wasted, but ready for your next green smoothie! Or soup. Or ???
Single servings of kale ready to use!
I’m a visual person. So, this little outline might seem simplistic, but hopefully it will help you see how easy it is to preserve your kale. You could use this process with about any green. Try it with spinach, borage, beet tops, radish tops, you name it. The concentrated nutrition of these greens is too good to waste on the compost pile! 

-Anya @MyGardenHaven
Got Kale? What to do before it goes bad…