REAL FOOD for Busy People – An Online Video Course with Lifetime Access – BLACK FRIDAY Sale

REAL FOOD for Busy People - An Online Video Course with Lifetime Access - BLACK FRIDAY Sale

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Learn How To:
* Get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes with 5 ingredients or less
* Make artisanal sourdough bread in less than 5 minutes a day
* Use a pressure cooker to make chicken stock in 4 hours
* Store bulk batches of sauerkraut and fermented veggies in the freezer
* Outsource meal planning — get back hours of your life
* Automate shopping — leverage CSAs and online e-commerce tools and get it off your plate

Get Lifetime Access to:
* 12 Weeks of Online Classes
* Exclusive Content Not Available Anywhere Else Online
* Over 50 Video Tutorials
* Recipes Included

A few things you’ll learn:

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Healthy Ebook Bundle
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Peace, Love, & Veggies


30 Healthy Living Ebooks SALE – Top Authors! Spring Bundle April 17-24

Local Grilled Cheese & Applesauce

Local Grilled Cheese & Applesauce

Killer combination: Grilled organic cheese on Belen Artisan Bakers Sourdough Cherry Pecan bread with side of MyGardenHaven’s Anna Applesauce


Make Real Food Fun

Spinach Breakfast Green Smoothie

Ingredients: Pastured organic whole plain yogurt Raw milk Spinach Chia seeds Apple Carrots Grapes Pineapple


Real Food Resources For Real Beginners

Real Food never looked so good

[UPDATE 3/24/2013] All my favorite resources mentioned in this article got together & are holding a FREE online summit – please take advantage of it – it starts TODAY! 

When I realized the food I was eating – or not eating – was the main culprit to my painful indigestion, joint pain, and weight problems (to name a few), I knew I had to figure out how to eat right. Not just that, but how to eat right for me.  I especially needed to know the reasons behind my decision to make such a change. It all started when a friend shared the link to the Wahls video listed below. It had a profound effect on me. The way Dr. Wahls explains how the food we eat affects the cellular, mitochondrial level of our bodies gave me my first big reasons why.

“Fat is good for you” – really, it IS!

I have lost 34 pounds since February 2012. This was an unexpected surprise to me! It was never really about my weight. People who have known me a long time are always asking me what I am doing differently, what “diet” am I on. Ummmmm, real food!

I have added new foods and have reduced or eliminated other foods, making these changes a little at a time. For example, the very first major change I made was simply to stop using sugar in my coffee. Seems like a small thing, but it was big to me. In one day I did not miss the sugar. Another surprising outcome of all of this is that now, certain foods like pasta, white bread, cake, do not even appeal to me. I do not think about them. Therefore I do not miss them. Ok, I do not miss them most of the time.

Farmer's Market Bounty
Farmer’s Market Bounty

When I first realized I had to change, I did not know HOW I would ever do it, and while I am well on my way, I am still figuring this whole thing out. Yes, it does get exhausting at times. In fact yesterday, I talked to my husband about wouldn’t it be nice for our anniversary to hire a Real Food trainer (volunteers?) who would come spend the weekend (or whatever it would take) with us, stock our pantry, take us shopping, teach us how to cook and prepare, how to plan menus, when to sprout and soak, where to shop locally for the things we now need to buy. I’ll add a huge ETCETERA to that. I would LOVE that as an anniversary present! Maybe the Real Food Media bloggers (ahem) will start a reality show to that effect and our house can be the first family. :)

“”Good Morning Shortridge Family!” Haha. No, really.

I have been promising my friends I would share the information I have learned so far with them. There are so many great resources out there that I decided to write a blog post instead. I hope this information will help you get on your way through the confusing maze of real food living!

Lastly, take it slow…. At this point, you just have to trust that it will get easier with time. With that said, I will share THIS balanced article I just love:

The 80/20 Rule of Healthy Eating: Why Follow It and Reasons to Live by It

Balance is healthy too.


(As to the following resources: I know I am missing important ones here – feel free to add your comments below to share more!)


Educational Videos – My Reasons Why

  • “Minding Your Mitochondria” by Dr. Terry Wahls (17 minutes)

Dr. Wahls’ YouTube Channel:

  • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Available on Netflix as well as

These two videos were the most inspirational to me.


Soaking and Sprouting


This NOT That (When the Best Isn’t Available)

Raw Milk: 




These are the first few websites and blogs I found in the beginning of my new way of eating. I recommend going to their main page, then subscribe to the feed you want, be it Facebook, Twitter, email newsletter, YouTube channel, or blog.

Where to Buy Groceries

Online: – start here: and here:

Tropical Traditions 

Vitacost –

Creston Valley Meats (California)

Nourished Life Resources Page:

Cultures for Health:

Walk In:

Farmer’s Markets

Jimbo’s Naturally

Trader Joe’s


Creston Valley Meats – deliveries in Northern and Southern Cali

Check Local Harvest 

Equipment We Can’t Do Without:

I want to get this posted, so I am going to do that now, but I will be back to update this resource list as often as possible.

If you found this post useful, please let me know in your comments :)

Real Food Resources For Real Beginners

Getting More Greens Into My Diet


After watching Dr. Terry Wahls’ 17-minute “Minding Your Mitochondria” video earlier this year, our household went into a huge transition in the way we eat. Mind you, this has been a slooooow process. I cannot deny there have been enormous challenges.

One of these challenges has been how to get more greens into our diet. Dr. Wahls recommends 9 cups per day of different greens, and shows what that amount would be in her video. But if you are like me, unless it is a salad at lunch and another at dinner, with a lot of steamed greens too, how were we going to be able to eat that many greens in the course of a day?

I had seen some references to breakfast foods that incorporate a significant amount of greens. But the best I could seem to do, just a couple of days per week, was to put some spinach into an omelette.

That was not going to cut it!

Pre-Wahls, my breakfast consisted of two pieces of toast with some butter and a cup of coffee. Of late it has been organic, grass-fed whole milk yogurt, a tablespoon of organic chia seeds, berries or fruit of some kind, a teaspoon of honey – local and raw of course. I usually add a teaspoon of organic flax pumpkin granola for a bit of crunchy goodness…

One day I imagined putting chopped spinach in my breakfast yogurt. I sat on that for about a week, mulling it over in my mind. It just sounded too weird. Then, one morning I decided to try it. It was only about a half a cup the first time, and I chopped it up pretty fine. I seriously could not taste anything bad or wrong or weird! It was good. And I felt good afterwards.

I have since been putting a lot of spinach in my yogurt. I worked up to it. Now, I am completely satisfied with putting the spinach in my bowl first, and the rest of the ingredients on top. I will sometimes put two cups of greens in my bowl.

So, now, rather than having breakfast yogurt with a handful of spinach, I call it Spinach Breakfast Salad. The “dressing” is my yogurt and honey, and the “toppings” are my fruit, granola, chia seeds.

How do YOU incorporate more greens in your diet?

This has been a Real Food Wednesdays production!


Getting More Greens Into My Diet

Review of Excalibur 9-tray Dehydrator

I LOVE our 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator!


It came with 2 books – a shorty and a longy – with easy instructions on how to use, clean, etc.

Don’t go with anything less than 9 trays or you will be sorry…

The only thing I do not like is the fan noise. It is not overly obtrusive, but it is “there” all the time. We are considering putting it in a less-used room of the house.

The model we bought is Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Non-Timer Series 9 Tray Food Dehydrator – Black.

We have made: jerky, dried mushrooms, apples, bananas, apricots, peaches, strawberries, grapes, tomatoes.

What we learned first time out with:

  • Jerky: We sliced it to thin to begin with, so it came out too dry.
  • Grapes: When the book says to blanch something to hasten drying time, do it! The first time it took 3 days to make raisins. The second time, I blanched them, and it took about 22 hours.If that sounds like a long time, really it’s not. You put them in, walk away and forget it. There is nothing to do in the meantime unless you want to check on them.
  • Apples: Nothing to them! I thought that they might come out crispier, but leathery is the word of the day on most fruit.
  • Bananas: Same as apples – I thought I would be making “banana chips” like you’d get at the bulk food store, but heads up that is not what you get…They are good.
  • Tomatoes: What a great way to preserve them! Add them to soups, etc. whenever you need an extra kick. No more wasted tomatoes!
  • Mushrooms: We are still working on this one. The first batch seemed great to start with, however, after a week in the cupboard in a glass jar, they began to ferment. Apparently not dry enough!
  • Apricots: Turned out sooooo yummy! They were the same consistency as you would get at the store, but NO sulphur! And super tasty!
  • I almost forgot about the cherries! Oh my – super yummy!
  • And can’t forget my husband’s bread making. You can use this machine for rising dough. It worked great.


Cleaning: The dehydrator sheets are dishwasher safe, so that has been a breeze, and the trays are fairly easy to rinse off in the sink. Who likes to cleanup? No one. So it still might seem like a hassle at times.

I highly recommend this dehydrator. Let me know if you get one – or have one – and what you are using it for!


Interested in having us try out your product? Please contact me!

Review of Excalibur 9-tray Dehydrator