16 Bugs Gardeners Should Love

Predatory Wasp
Predatory Wasp – Lays eggs inside bad bug larvae (such as the moth larvae above in our sunflowers). The wasp’s young hatch inside and explode the pests  from the inside out!

My daughter shared this news article and slideshow with me, and I just had to share it with you!

Their presence is a gardener’s gift. Repay it by avoiding nonorganic pesticides, says W.M. Hood, professor of entomology at Clemson University in South Carolina.

Spring is afoot here in Southern California, and you’ll be seeing (hopefully) some of these ‘beauties’ in your yard & garden.

Beneficial insects are key to a healthy organic garden and you can do much to attract them and keep them in your yard.

By keeping your yard beneficial insect friendly, these good bugs will keep coming back year after year!

Read more: http://realestate.msn.com/16-bugs-gardeners-should-love

16 Bugs Gardeners Should Love

Tomatoes Are In, Mulch Is Down!

Our tomatoes are in and we have laid the mulch down. 

It looks SO pretty! 

By the way, the best place to get organic compost/mulch in San Diego is at City Farmers Nursery


Beefsteak – planted about a foot down

Another Beefsteak

Heirloom, Brandywine with Garlic

Heirloom, Brandywine with Garlic


Tomatoes Are In, Mulch Is Down!

The Garden is Screaming Life! Spring! Color! And I’m Listening.

Got the Spring Gardening Itch yet? No? 

I just have to share the photos from today’s walk around the garden.  It screams Life! Spring! Color! Dare you to look and not think about planning or planting YOUR spring garden.

Today’s activities: pulling nettles, raking leaves, and figuring out what we are planting this spring. 

It was wonderful to see this ladybug just hatching:

They are everywhere! Our companion planting has really paid off.

Oops, pulled a carrot instead of a weed! I didn’t think any of the carrots grew – it was sweet and delish!

Yess!! We will have blueberries. I bought one bush last year to see how it would grow in our yard. I think we’ll add 3 or 4 more. 

We dug these up out of our “food not lawns” area out front. Threw a piece of it on the side yard for possible soil erosion issues, and it looks so pretty today:

Love purple and orange. Here’s some status:

Our lovely, loyal dwarf Anna apple tree :)

This grass is self seeding – it is popping up all over our backyard. I love it. 

Cannot wait for strawberries!

Teeny cactus:

Beets are growing, and a few are ready to pick. This was our first time growing beets. Only about 1/4 of them sprouted. 

Saw this cute little red butt spider hopping around. Love spiders in the garden!

Our chile manzano’s first Spring blossom.

I sure hope you’ve enjoyed this walk around the garden as much as I have!



The Garden is Screaming Life! Spring! Color! And I’m Listening.